Many champagne corks flew through the air in Israel with the arrival of the firsts reports with results from the scrutiny of the US presidential election. Leaders of West Bank settler organizations along with supporting ministers and members of parliament were drunk with joy by interpreting Donald Trump’s election as the release of the reins that held back the massive expansion of Jewish housing construction in that region.

Naftali Bennet, Minister of Education, said that “Trump’s victory is the great opportunity for Israel to immediately announce that withdraws its support for the idea of ​​the establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel. The era of the Palestinian state is over”.

Yoav Kish, a member of the Israeli parliament for Likud Netanyahu, was very clear at a lobby meeting promoting Jewish settlement in the West Bank. “We stop talking about the two states and concentrate solely on Israeli construction, colonization and sovereignty. We have a stable national government and international pressure prevented us from fulfilling our aspirations. Today there is an opportunity for change”.

Also, the Jewish settler organizations participated in the celebrations and hopes. Eliyahu Shviro, mayor of Ariel, the main Jewish city in the West Bank, said: “I’m convinced that the new president of the United States will fulfill its promise to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state and allow the continuity of Jewish settlement”.

With great certainty, a person in Jerusalem did not join these celebrations and was satisfied to continue drinking its mineral water. Netanyahu acted cautiously and adjusted only to a short telephone conversation and the sending of congratulations, both with protocol content only. In public announcement, he stated that “President-elect Trump is a true friend of Israel and we will work together to promote security, stability and peace in our region. I am sure we will both continue to strengthen the alliance between Israel and the United States”.

Bibi does not sing glory before victory. To tell the truth, Netanyahu has two powerful reasons to behave with obvious prudence: one internal and the other external.

The explosion of joy of the circles close to the Jewish colonization is nothing more than the anticipation of a ferocious onslaught of those sectors in order to materialize immediately and on a large scale what they call “the splendorous future of Israel”, which is no more than the longed-for dream of Greater Israel. The threat, overthrow Netanyahu like after Wye Plantation agreement at the beginning of 1999.



A famous Arabic proverb affirms that “the hurry is from the devil”. Netanyahu, perhaps the most astute politician of today’s Israeli reality, is basically in agreement with the ultimate goal of the project. What the Israeli Prime Minister understands, and probably the desperation and impatience of the settlers prevents them from understanding, is that this type of precipitous race with much security can cause a boomerang effect that throw down all historical aspirations and dreams.

As much it may seem ridiculous, Netanyahu’s main challenge with Trump’s new government is to get him to pursue the same path that Obama went through: behaving like a roaring paper tiger, but he does not give Israel a bite, although he complies strictly its absolute subservience behind the interests of the Jewish State in its most important strategic aspects. According to an original statement by David Waiglass, Secretary of Ariel Sharon in his role as Prime Minister, Netanyahu should inject formalin to keep the peace process with the Palestinians in alive appearance, although everyone knows that he was already buried years ago.

At the same time, Netanyahu must dose moderate advances in the West Bank colonization that allow him not to exasperate the external front too much, and on the internal front, to keep calm and united to the parliamentary coalition that holds him in power.

All the same as the last 8 years.

But Netanyahu has another serious concern, and it’s not just Trump personally.

Trump’s proselytizing campaign was accompanied by a series of demonstrations and expressions of high anti-Semitic content, and / or with the active participation of groups of recognized racist trajectory. Moreover, on two specific occasions the headquarters of the new president massively disseminated messages that gave a clear indictment of guilt to sectors related to Judaism by the problematic situation that the American society arrived at.



In July, a photo of Hillary Clinton was posted against a backdrop of cash notes with a six-pointed star next to the expression “corrupt.” A few days before the end of the election campaign, and perhaps the most important two-minute television announcement, accusations of a conspiracy against the American people with images of prominent Jews were illustrated. While the pictures of businessman George Soros, Federal Reserve Chairman Yanet Yellen and Goldman Sachs President, Lloyd Blankfein, all Jews, are projected, Trump accuses the corrupt elite that dominates American society, ending with the expression “what the only thing that can stop this machine is you”.



These accusations were harshly criticized by Jewish organizations “for their similarity to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic counterfeit that has fueled violence against Jews for more than a century”.

Unfortunately, a recent publication by the University of Haifa not only fails to deny such a charge, but also brings to light the strong dependence of the Democratic Party and its candidate Clinton on the contribution of money from Jewish pockets. According to this report, although Jews make up only 2% of the population of the northern country, 50% of the donations that funded their presidential candidate originated from Jewish donors.

Although the attitude of Trump and his team is reprehensible, Netanyahu’s uneasiness does not refer to the personal behavior of the presidential candidate. The real problem is to be convinced that half population of the world’s first power was identified with and ran after these clearly anti-Semitic slogans

Under these conditions, is clear to Netanyahu that Trump’s warm sympathy for Israel and his splendid future in the West Bank colonies, in the face of a strong popular outcry, can quickly be turned into antipathy and aversion.

It may be that the settlers sang glory before victory. 

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 12/11/2016

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