The leadership of Jewish settlers in the West Bank has just taken a new step with the clear intention of taking the reins of the country’s power with the inevitable consequence of deepening the process of degeneration of Judaism. A revolt of fanaticism defies Netanyahu and the whole moral base of the Jewish people. In an act that undoubtedly jeopardises the permanence of a democratic institutional order in Israel, this powerful group took the lead of a process destined to the imposition of antidemocratic and discriminatory laws.

Become the centre of Israel’s strongest power, this sector of Israeli society tries to trample national and international standards above the position of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister of Defence Liberman, Attorney General of State and Legal Adviser of the Government and a humanitarian image of Judaism.

The circumstances chosen are not casual. With a keen smell of political vultures, these fundamentalist Jews clearly perceived that Netanyahu is struggling in a sea of ​​complications and suspicions that are likely to lead him in the near future to his disappearance from the Israeli political arena.

A series of reports, the result of the efforts of renowned journalists, brought to light a series of behaviours of Netanyahu and his surroundings that call into question the correctness and integrity of their functions. In these days, the Attorney General of the State carries out a survey and finding of facts, although the good media sources affirm that it will have no alternative but to give the order to open a criminal investigation under the possible accusation of corruption of public official.

It all began with the resolution of the Supreme Court two years ago to evacuate until the day 25-12-2016 the Jewish houses built in the Amona settlement on Palestinian private lands.

This situation is not unprecedented because on several occasions in the past the government found it necessary to comply with similar judicial decisions and evict settlers who are accustomed repeatedly and without official authorisation to take possession of Palestinian private lands

In 1979, in the famous Beit El ruling, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the expropriation of private Palestinian land in the West Bank was illegal in order to be used for Jewish civil settlement. Menachem Begin, the promoter of Jewish colonisation on public lands, creator of Likud and mentor of the entire political camp of that party, then Prime Minister of Israel, strictly admitted that decision under the slogan “There are judges in Jerusalem.”

Moreover, at the same time, Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, spiritual guide of all that movement of Jewish colonisation, ordered the disciples of Beit El to comply with the official decision and withdraw from private Palestinian lands. “We do not usurp the land of Ahmmed or Mustafa. Properties that belong to Arabs for generations, we do not usurp”, he said on that occasion, according to Beny Katzover, one of his most prominent disciples and leader of the Jewish settler movement in the region.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was also a promoter of colonisation in the West Bank, but above all aware of the essential need to maintain this delicate balance of an internal and international institutional order, tried by all means to find alternative solutions for Amona residents in a manner that a respect for decisions of the Israeli high court can be projected.

Not so with Naftali Bennet, head of the Jewish Home party, participate in the ruling coalition and ideological representative of Jewish settlers. In an act that could well be defined as a political putsch within the governing coalition, Bennet mobilised its members against Netanyahu and Liberman’s stance to trample on Supreme Court decisions. The tool would be a special law that would allow the official empowerment by force  of Palestinian private lands and thereby legalise all settlements where Palestinians were usurped.

Likud parliamentarians, Begin’s disciples, demonstrated that their veneration of their old ideological mentor was archived in the history. Seeing that his current leader is bleeding politically, 27 of the 29 MPs in that party (outside Netanyahu himself), including government ministers, demonstrated their loyalty to Bennet, who is trying to overthrow him. In a public requested they recognised their support to the project to legalise the empowerment by force of Palestinian lands in the West Bank. Only two were the exception: Tzaji Hanegbi and Benny Begin, the son of Menajem Begin.


The Israeli MPs  putsch

The fanaticism of the Jewish settlers led him to abandon his old mentors. According to the old Jewish tradition of the time of Moses in the desert of Sinai, today they are dedicated to venerate the new Golden Calf that resides in New York.


The new Israeli Golden Calf 

Israeli society can not contain this clash of fanaticism. It has already degenerated in such a way that it can hardly regenerate without a great historical shake. Those who have to keep this type of events in mind are the leaders of the Jewish communities of the diaspora. To the long list of insults that Judaism is accustomed to receive, now surely one more will be added: land usurpers. The problem is that in this case it is not an insult and the settlers are turning it into truth.

There should be no better expression to demarcate these events than to paraphrase: “become the only democracy in the Middle East and start usurping land”.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 20/11/2016  


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