A popular saying from Spain assert that “you cannot be right with God and with the devil.” Jewish settlers from the West Bank and their political representation clearly demonstrated that the Iberian tradition is wrong. This Israeli power group argues Jewish history and religion to claim sovereignty over the West Bank, but for that purpose in the peephole have no objection to throwing away the claimed humanist tradition and solidarity of the Judaism to receive support from the new devil who will soon reside in the White House in Washington.

The election of Tramp as Obama’s successor was greeted with shouts of joy throughout the length and breadth of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. It was time to unpack the old plans of Greater Israel.

On the contrary, the great majority of the Jewish community of EE.UU, traditionally Democrats in their highest percentage, these results fell like a bucket of cold water. Nothing worth their long experience with Republican presidential cadences in the past. On this occasion, these important sectors of the Jewish community of the north country are very concerned about appointments of the new administration promising hatred to the foreigner, including Jews, hostility towards women and denial of the values ​​of American liberalism. “Many Jews began to feel the earth burning beneath their feet” was characterised in his words by the analyst Peter Beinart.


White Nationalists Salute the President Elect: “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

This “humanitarian and social” problem is far removed from the concerns and plans of the Jewish settlers of the West Bank, the group of political interests that really holds the reins of Israel’s power in their hands. The primary and most urgent objective is to remove the expression “two states for two peoples” from the Middle East diplomatic agenda. To continue demanding, in the second step, the promotion of a massive colonisation of Jews in the West Bank. The final chord is reserved for the legalisation of Israeli sovereignty “de jure” throughout its territory.

It was precisely during the American weekend that the ZOA (American Zionist Organisation) annual convention was scheduled. On that occasion the directors of that institution along with Dani Danon, Israeli Ambassador to the UN and Ron Dramer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, were scheduled to symbolically bestow the certificate of “Pro-Israeli Kosher” to Stephen Bannon, Presidential chief-advisor recently nominated by Trump. As is public knowledge, he has a  controversial character with a background of racist and anti-Semitic extremism, which is why representatives of other Jewish institutions will not attend such an important event.

As suggested by Nir Barkat, the Jerusalem mayor, there is no question of the nefarious curriculum of racist and anti-Semitic, if they propose, among their first measures, to decide to transfer their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Just as its silence to date indicates, the Jewish settlement movement in the West Bank will surely have no reluctance to convey its public support for the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants in the US, including a few tens of thousands of Israelis, if they declare the definitive death of the two-state solution for this region.

Should Trump go one step further and publicly support Israel’s historic right to colonise the entire West Bank, presumably this group would have no problem applauding the legalisation of the KKK or banning entry to the US of every person for the mere fact of being Muslim.

This case is not the first opportunity that powerful ruling groups in the Jewish state impose their preference of interests forcing the state to leave aside certain basic principles of Judaism, which say they are guided by having suckled their basic values.

The security establishment and military factory addresses are a clear example. Without going into the depth of a detailed report, it is sufficient to point out certain arms sales operations to dictatorial and bloodthirsty countries or groups. South Sudan is a case confirmed by the UN. Surely Chileans and Argentines of the 70’s will still remember the Israeli contributions in armament and instruction of national forces in their fight against “local insurgents”.

Confused intimacy between Jewish settler movements and US Evangelical groups is another clear demonstration of living with God and the devil. This warm romance of our day materialises with millionaire contributions from that church to finance the gigantic Jewish colonisation in the West Bank. Much more interesting is to be informed that Pastor John Hagee, the highest authority of that American congregation, declared not long ago: “The return of the Jews to all Israel after 2000 years of diaspora, together with their control of Jerusalem, is one of the Stages of the beginning of the return of Jesus and of the longed-for redemption, after which the Jews will receive Jesus as the true Messiah”.

All that official Jewish State talk, Jewish values ​​and Jewish tradition, in the hands of those who lead Israel these days, is becoming a shield and mask of protection from accusations by most of the world’s societies. His frequent and incessant flirtations with the devil demonstrate that the main objective is to materialise step by step the plan of Jewish sovereignty of the Mediterranean to the Jordan, no matter the price.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 22/11/2016


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