Obama’s decision not to use the veto right in the last UN Security Council resolution is no more than a reveille to awaken a society and its leadership drunk from the power they hold in their hands.


Obama retaliated 

This positioning of those who leave the White House has revealed that Israel has much power to interfere in the world, but it has absolutely no serious argument to support its policy of territorial conquest, colonisation and oppression in the territories conquered in 1967. This Is true also from the first centimetre of the June 1967 limits, in case the so-called Israeli left pretends to play with the right to unilaterally annex to Israel certain blocks of colonies under the pretext that there is a large consensus in the Israeli society.

Until the day before, everything made think that Netanyahu is capable to dominate the world. From his office, without Chancellery (as Chancellor in charge has destroyed it), he mobilised Trump and Jewish organisations of EE. UU, the eternal and unconditional servants of Netanyahu, no matter the reason. The new president of the USA did not hesitate and immediately intimated Egyptian President Al-Sisi, promoter of the UN resolution, that Egypt’s future interests in the United States and in the world, are more important than those of the Palestinians. In a matter of hours the proposal was withdrawn.

What Netanyahu failed to take into account is that four of other members of the Security Council adopted the proposal and put it to the vote the next day leaving the Israeli premier alone to Obama’s good ones.

Netanyahu’s and his UN Ambassador attacks against this institution and Obama personally have no minimum of logical or moral support. The United Nations is no more than a reflection of the international community of countries that one day, all of them, practically without exception, decided to say enough to Israel’s prepotency and arrogant policy. The new British government, which is described as a pro-Zionist who pledged to fight against anti-Semitism and BDS, also raised hands by delegitimizing Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

In its attempt to defend its conquering policy, to this day Israel has not found any reasoning that does not clash basic international standards for the defence of human rights or has a minimally convincing character. Faced with this insurmountable shortage, Israel put aside the Table of the Law of Mount Sinai, trampled rules of the International Conventions on territories conquered in conflict and, during the last four decades, found protection only in the elected personages to inhabit the White House and The Hill of the Capitol.

For Israel and Judaism, Temis and Dice, the Goddesses of Justice, no longer reside in Greece, but instead reincarnate in the body of the presidents-elect in the United States.

In the absence of objective arguments, the office of the Prime Minister of Israel was concentrated with rather emotional or visceral attacks. In an official statement, Obama’s conduct was classified as a betrayal by breaking the old and traditional link with the United States that promised an eternal defence to Israel in international organisations. He accused the decision as shameful as they do nothing to stop the massacre of half a million people in Syria and prefer to hurl themselves against Israel. Let’s say, Israel recognises that it commits felonies, it only argues that there are more bloodthirsty criminals.

More striking was the reaction of certain American republican senators, curiously identified with Israeli interests. Both Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, claimed to take drastic measures with the UN, including a cut in US budget contributions to that institution.

It would seem that these US parliamentarians have a very good experience of how money is capable of tipping the balance in political decision-making. Is it that their positions so extreme in favor of foreign interests, in this case Israel, which apparently contributes very little to strategic American interests, are due to the contribution of money to politicians? The media report that both parliamentarians were credited with substantial donations in money to their proselytising campaigns from the pocket of a US Jewish billionaire very identified with Israeli interests.

Both Netanyahu and Trump, promise to jointly modify the situation created by this resolution of the Security Council. To tell the truth, this objective is not easy, it could even be said that new circumstances were created with a significantly different reality and with many difficulties of making it regress. It gives the impression that what was, do not exist anymore and probably will not return. Otherwise it is very difficult to understand the fury of Netanyahu.


Netanyahu furious

There should be no example that would expose more clearly the situation of Israel in its relationship with western democracies than the conduct of the government of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and its Foreign Ministry. Just weeks ago, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, Minister of RR.EE. of that country, was awarded with special prize in the midst of praise and festivities both on behalf of Israel and the Uruguayan Jewish community for their contribution to the excellent relations between both countries. In the Security Council vote yesterday, Uruguay joined the rest of the countries to vote in what is considered unanimity against the Israeli settlements.

As with the UNESCO vote of months ago, Israel and Diaspora Jews must be clear that the position of practically every country in the world with respect to Israel can be summed up in these few words:



Only certain personages in the performance of US governmental or parliamentary functions still tend to interpret this reality differently.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 24/12/16


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