Dani Sanderson, Set Kaveret, “Here the dog is buried”.

Any similarity with the fate of the proposal “two states for two peoples” in the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is pure intention.


The media duel between John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu who continued to vote in the UN Security Council became the swan song of the endless frictions between the Israeli Prime Minister and Obama’s governments over the past 8 years. From this battle between “knights” you can get some very interesting conclusions.

Paradoxically, it all began as an idyll full of coincidences at the beginning of 2009. Speeches by the top leaders of both countries, academic fields of international prestige and, finally, an identical objective: to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by means of the formula “Two states for two peoples”.

In spite of the optimism that prevailed in the environment, this author predicted from the beginning that this utopian fantasy would be buried shortly of its conception and before its delivery. “Today, four months after the famous speeches that created so many expectations, just one month away from the United Nations Annual Assembly, a programmed framework for the opening of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, it is possible to affirm without greater risks of mistake than The Palestinian state is stillborn. He died without knowing the world. They gave him so many slaps and suffocated him until he was killed before he was born”.

These days, as a well-known Middle East analyst says, “Kerry remembered a little late. The two-state solution is not in danger, she is already dead. ” To this we can add that, just for convenience, some of the central actors of this farce strive to prove that they are agonizing in their last moments of life, but the heart still beats.

Kerry’s performance on behalf of the Obama administration was pathetic in its appearance at a press conference aimed at leaving as a historical legacy the practical principles of implementing the two-state solution. The image that was projected cannot be interpreted in any other way than that of a poor parishioner who kneels in the confessional in front of his parish priest to confess that he sinned for 8 years defending and protecting international felons who took care of usurping lands to peasants which they had under their control by the force of arms.


Kerry attacks

Better late than never. At least you must admire their sincerity. He is recognising in front of the whole world that for 8 years all his perorates were destined to serve Israeli interests hiding the true events behind the scenes. Chancellor Kerry tacitly implies that the silence so far of the administration of the world’s power number one is the result of the domination by the power of Jerusalem that has the sufficiency to manipulate its country with the immeasurable capacity of interference of local Jewish institutions.

Netanyahu’s appearance before the cameras, as a counterpart to Kerry’s, became one of the best examples of implementation of Israel’s dissuasion strategy. Far from refuting the clear accusations of an official land titling campaign, the fury of the Israeli Prime Minister was in charge of disrupting any future attempt that this attitude of Obama may at some future opportunity become the antecedent of some other servant of Israel that inhabiting the White House does not understand the rules of the game well.

In his reply, Netanyahu relied on two basic arguments. In the first one he stated that “Kerry’s speech was a great disappointment. He obsessively dealt with the Israeli colonies instead of dealing with the root of the conflict: the Palestinian refusal to recognise Israel as a Jewish state, whatever limits it may be”.


Netanyahu counterattacks 

As a second motivation, Netanyahu does not admit that Israel is criticized. “The whole Middle East is on fire, entire countries are crumbling, terrorism is destroying everything, and for a whole hour the American Chancellor attacks the only democracy in the Middle East that remains stable in the region.”

As mentioned in previous articles, the second argument is ridiculous because it assumes Israel as a delinquent, only there are others more bloodthirsty. The first one is even more crazy. The demand to recognise Israel as a Jewish state is inadmissible, since the peace treaties signed with Egypt and Jordan were signed only with the State of Israel without any addition. It is clear that this Netanyahu condition hides dark racist intentions toward non-Jewish Israeli citizens, or is simply a pretext to perpetuate the status quo.

Netanyahu and the leadership of the Jewish people propose to wait patiently for another 20 days to put the full weight of their future into the hands of Donald Trump, “our teacher, Rabbi and King of Messiah, forever and ever.” The Jewish people no longer need the Tables of Moses. It now has a new divine spring that feeds justice to the new scale of values ​​of modern Judaism. A new US president who assumes the next days with a dark curriculum of racism, xenophobia, sexism, machismo and dubious relations with neo-Nazi groups.

The Diaspora Jewish community leaders cannot be left out of this dirty game. The same World Jewish Congress takes advantage of the status of Jewish American citizens of its members to turn them into agents of foreign interests and thus mobilise them behind this Israeli goal. “The entire Jewish community and the Jewish establishment are actively fighting against any new step that the US government is still determined to take on this issue. The matter was not terminated with the last resolution”.

They despise Trump, but to take care of Israel’s interests in their conquest of the West Bank he has no problem rubbing shoulders with the new president by covering his nose.

If this problematic behaviour could be attributed to Netanyahu and his coalition, there would always be an alternative for change. This is an illusion. Sadly, this is a problem that affects the vast majority of Israeli society and the Jewish people, probably for many years, and perhaps generations.

For example, I cite two isolated cases. The famous Israeli writer A.B. Yoshua, persistent fighter for the solution of two states, today changed his vision. In a couple of articles, he maintains that this project is not viable for the moment and that it is necessary to make life easier with the Palestinians who lack citizenship in a single state “reducing as much as possible the degree of malignity of the Israeli conquest”.

Susana Gelber, represents Meretz party of Israel, grouping positioned in the left end of the Jewish political map of the Israeli society. As Secretary General of the Argentine Zionist Organisation (OSA) signed a statement criticising the latest resolution of the UN Security Council with the following content: “The UN resolution is one more step in the vast UN saga against the only democracy in the Middle East”, then, “qualifies Israel as Occupying State and ignores the rights over Judea and Samaria, including East Jerusalem, as well as the historical ties between the Jewish people and this area”. They could compete with the best Likud editors.

Sadly, modern Judaism is dragged into a degradation with the main objective of justifying at all costs the usurpation of Palestinian land.

Kupervaser Daniel

Herzlya – Israel 30/12/2016     

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