Netanyahu came to his first position as Prime Minister of Israel in 1996 thanks to the campaign financed by a Chabad millionaire with the racist slogan: “Netanyahu is good for the Jews.” It is precisely this discriminatory view that has deepened over the years, to the point that today it is already becoming a danger for the future of Jewish Diasporas.

In recent weeks, two kosher swallows have flown through the skies of the world. The Norwegian Jewish community strongly opposed the Israeli diplomacy’s demand to criticize the boycott of products from Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Jewish community in Mexico issued a dramatic statement against Netanyahu’s humiliating position in favor of the wall at the border with US

But these incipient, though courageous acts of rebelliousness among Jewish institutions, usually submissive and robotic, should not give rise to confusion. It is far from a Jewish spring.

Everything that came into view with the Israeli Prime Minister’s tweet in support of Trump on behalf of the Mexican people, or the undemocratic pressure of the Israeli ambassador to the Jewish community of Norway in defense of the illegitimate colonization internationally in the West Bank, are insignificant. It is nothing more than an appetizer that precedes an indigestible banquet of problems and complications that this Jewish leadership of the diaspora must be participant as a consequence of the shameful racist behavior that Netanyahu projects in these days.

Today, the government of the Jewish state, which boasts to conduct itself according to the supreme values ​​of Judaism, has just passed a law, the land regulation law in the West Bank, with the sole aim of usurping and expropriating Palestinian assets to favor Jews. Land spoliation from non-Jews in the name of Judaism.

If the Jewish communities of the diaspora continue to look up to heaven with their customary unconditional support of Israel, let no one be surprised if in the near or distant future those people who now gave refuge to the Jews in their frame, decide to usurp and expropriate their personal assets for the sole reason of being Jews. Just as Netanyahu does with the Palestinians, the societies of diaspora countries can one day do it to the Jews and quite rightly so. That just reason was granted them by the same Jewish leadership of those countries that with their silence and passivity became accomplices of that usurpation and looting of private lands of Palestinians with the protection of Israeli army.

The racist jurisprudence that today Netanyahu recorded in the world will become a sword of Damocles that will hang on the head of the Jewish people of the whole world. Jewish leaders: look at their collectivities and weigh yours responsibility very well. The society that surrounds is watching you.

Netanyahu is the worst danger today for the Jewish people.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 7/2/2017

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