Now, as Prime Minister of the Jewish State, Netanyahu has his alibi to ask his uncle to give him a few dollars in cash to splurge them majestically with his wife Sara in a bottle of pink champagne and expensive and renowned Cuban cigar. It has very good reasons to celebrate at the style that accustomed the Jewish people.

With his familiar patience and political expertise, he created the proper environment for a supposed, upcoming and critical battle for the fate of Israel that only he can save. In this way, he was able to overcome the pitfalls of the media, the opposition inside or outside of his coalition, to turn the extravagant and new American administration into a source of divine justice and its protective shield.

The Israeli media daily Israel Hayom, an information medium that functions as a platform to support Netanyahu financed with hundreds of millions of dollars by his friend, American billionaire Sheldon Edelson, was responsible for creating the appropriate climate offering the final image of the victory of the goods (Netanyahu and Trump) against the bad guy (Obama).

Under the title of “New Climate”, this newspaper states that “the Trump-Netanyahu meeting in the White House was different: friendly, warm, almost familiar. Also of historical importance: the new president did not hesitate to detach from the basic condition of his predecessor – the requirement of two states. One or two states, do what you want, Trump said, showing again his out-of-the-ordinary way of thinking. He prefers a “business” that includes moderate Sunni Arab states in the face of the Iranian threat”, a regional solution.


While it is true that a generalized tendency can be felt to internalize the message of who in practice fulfills the function of unofficial Israeli government spokesman, reality shows that it is no more than a great show where the pompous scenery is a great camouflage to hide the true script of the show.

All new and old ideas, two states for the two peoples, a one binational state, regional peace agreement, in their different versions, are nothing more than excuses and ruses for the sole purpose of gaining time. In a scheme, similar to the one he put into practice with Obama at the start of his term, Netanyahu managed to buy at a ridiculously low price an insurance policy for the status quo with the Palestinians. This contract guarantees tranquility for a period of 4 to 8 years on both the external front with Palestinians and Europeans, as well as on the internal front, in its permanent clash with the extreme right of its government and party.

Trump gave peace of mind to Netanyahu who, as a good servant of the Jewish state, will present himself as an insurmountable fence against any attempt to move Israel from the present equilibrium.

On the foreign front, he vowed to defend Israel unconditionally in any international forum, especially in the UN, which intends to criticize or implement resolutions against Jerusalem’s interests. To be specific, two days before his talk with Netanyahu, Trump sent Mike Pompeo, CIA chief, to secretly talks with Mahamud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. The goal was to warn you that if he wants to dance, do not think of a local debka, but only on a rhythm of American folk. According to the media, “Pompeo warned Abbas not to take any unilateral action in the international arena. He promised that Netanyahu will not take any extreme measures. “

On the Israeli internal front, Trump was responsible for sending a clear message to the Israeli extreme right not to pressure Netanyahu. At the press conference, he also demanded significant concessions from Israel as well, “to slow down the advance of settlements in the West Bank”.

Netanyahu is very clear that none of the alternatives shuffled in his encounter with Trump has the slightest possibilities of materializing in the near and medium future. The two-state alternative for two peoples died long ago, and that of a binational state cannot be realized either because the Jewish component of Israeli society is not willing to give equal citizenship to more than 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. The draft regional agreement in the Middle East, for the moment, is a strategic nonsense that does not withstand the least dedication.

Israel has a gigantic economic, political, technological and military power that has turned it into a power, not only regional but also internationally. All that arsenal of bombs that come from Dimona’s textile factories or the fleet of modern submarines capable of carrying atomic warheads (all according to foreign sources) are worthless and become obsolete junk in front of a powerful Palestinian strategic equipment. As much as Israeli society does not want to understand, this deadly weapon in the mouths of Palestinians is the word “NO”.

True, it is not a weapon that can cause a strategic imbalance and probably does not lead the Palestinian people to meaningful achievements for a long time. It is also true that they do not have many other alternatives. Violence causes them far more harm than good. But the Israeli society cannot leave aside that for her it is a painful thorn in the side of the Jewish people, which is very annoying, but with all this enormous power is unable to get it. The only possibility is to negotiate on an equal basis, taking care of national security, but leaving aside that arrogance of a little more land or civilian colonies that characterizes both their governments.

For Netanyahu, the 5 decades that continue the status quo of the conquest and domination of the West Bank can go in for so many more, enough to guarantee its permanence at the head of the Israeli government. He probably believes that the problem can be solved magically by some illusory circumstance. These moments are destined to celebrate yet another step in the eternalization of the status quo.

Meanwhile that spine stuck in the Jewish people spreads bacteria that infect and degenerate Israeli society and Judaism.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 18-2-17

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