The American Jewish community is undergoing a menacing wave of anti-Semitism. Carol Nuriel, Executive Director of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization to fight against all forms of discrimination, declared very concerned: “After the last presidential elections in the United States, we witness a demonstration of anti-Semitism that even in our worst dreams, in our nightmares, we could not have imagined”.

The panic also seems to spill over into the high levels of Israeli politics. Ytzhak Herzog, the opposition leader, claims the Israeli government must is ready to receive a massive wave of Jews fleeing American anti-Semitism.

It is striking that at the same time and with the same emphasis that describes the uncertainty and fear that the anti-Semitic attacks cause to their collective, Nuriel tries to disclose all responsibility for the events of the new elect-president and his government. This leader of American Judaism says that “the facts did not begin with the election of Trump. The principle was earlier. In the first months of the campaign we witnessed expressions against Jews and against Jewish journalists. It is clear that these events should not be linked to Trump personally. Trump has no connection to anti-Semitism. “

Nuriel is not alone in quickly Trumps exculpating. Nir Moalem, Content Director of Israel’s Channel 20, the channel of nationalist Jewish tradition, argues that the responsibility of the growing anti-Semitic rush in the present is the result of a neglect of the Obama era. For Argentine analyst Julian Schvindlerman “Obviously, Trump is not a Judeophobe, but he must be neat in his behavior”. Who most defended the brand new US president was, of course, Netanyahu. “There is no one who will support the Jewish people and the Jewish state more than President Donald Trump,” the Israeli PM responded to an incisive question by an Israeli journalist about the possible xenophobic and racist position of the new American administration.

Why should such silk gloves be worn before the brand-new top leader of a country under the attack of an unprecedented anti-Semitic wave? It is simply motivated by the fact that no American Jewish institution, nor any factor that sympathizes with the policies of the Israeli Prime Minister, is willing to “ruin” the new and intimate relations between Netanyahu and Trump, mainly in view of the possibility that the new American President allows “whitewashing and legitimizing Jewish settlements in the West Bank.”

Probably, and without premeditation, the wick that lit the fire of anti-Semitism in the USA was ignited by Trump, but the combustible that spreads and fuels the fire was accumulated by Netanyahu, some American Jewish millionaires and managers of certain Jewish organizations in that country.

Well-known analyst Andres Oppenheimer best described Trump’s responsibility in igniting the initial spark of this sad constellation. “To be fair, President Trump is not an anti-Semite, at least in the strict sense of the term. But one would have to live on another planet, or watch only Fox News, not to realize that his words and actions have led to the worst explosion of anti-Semitic incidents in recent memory of the United States. Trump created this monster. Although Trump probably has nothing against the Jewish people, he has unleashed the dark forces of racism, xenophobia and intolerance among his followers since the first day of his presidential campaign. And as a public figure, you cannot be anti-Mexican or anti-Muslim, or mock the disabled, or say that you can get women by their genitals, without sending a tacit message that it is okay to mock minorities, and involuntarily encourage hate crimes. “

Part of those receivers of Trump’s tacit message, which the presidential election proved to be not a despicable minority, surely identified the Jewish community as a predominant factor operating against Trump’s slogan “America, First for Americans”. A summary of the actions of Netanyahu’s last eight years, some Jewish millionaires and certain Jewish organizations in the northern country, was able to convince them very quickly that the leadership of leadership power in the United States is being exploited, squeezed, and in some cases even controlled and humiliated by Jewish and the Jewish state interests. This is the flammable material that fuels the anti-Semitic fire that ignited Trump and today is spreading in the USA.

The examples are innumerable and are reflected throughout articles published in this blog during the last decade. It is only worth emphasizing some of them.

It would be very difficult to suppose that a significant part of the northern country’s society does not feel ashamed to see their two presidential candidates praising Israel when begging money in Jewish circles for their 2012 election campaigns.

Nor would it be wise to think that a society can remain indifferent when they publicly see presidential candidates of the Republican party rush to seek support and financing from a recognized tycoon clearly identified with Jewish and Israeli interests within the framework that the American media denominates “Primaries of Adelson.”

How do they pretend that part of American society does not see with disgust the active presence of groups, on a very well-defined ethnic basis and with immense political power, identified with Judaism and foreign interests within Republicans and Democrats or in Congress and Senate? We are talking about the “National Jewish Democratic Council”, the “Republican Jewish Coalition, AIPAC and J-Street?

How is it possible that the Jews of the world did not pay attention to the painful humiliation that Netanyahu endured for much of American society when, overtaking Obama, he harangued in the main stage of the US Congress the legitimate representatives of that society before all The TV screens to support Israeli initiatives and disrupt the politics of its legitimate president? On this occasion Netanyahu conveyed a clear message to American society. In all matters relating to Israeli interests, the US foreign policy must necessarily be subjugated to the rulings of Jerusalem. The prime diplomatic interests of the northern country begin with those of Israel.

Any anti-Semitic attack is inadmissible and as such demands a strong repudiation. However, no one can understand the deep sense of aversion that surely filled different groups of American society, this time instigated by the Trumps campaign, when they realize that their leaders are manipulated and even subjugated by interests of Jerusalem.

Moreover, the passivity and general indolence shown by that same American society cannot be ignored in the face of a growing wave of anti-Semitism comparing with the significant popular protests over discrimination against Mexicans and Muslims.

Unfortunately, American Jews are beginning to reap the fruits of Netanyahu’s diplomacy today that does not hesitate to use the enormous power of influence of the local Jewish community to benefit Israel’s interest. All those Pyrrhic victories that Netanyahu achieved in the last 8 years blind the national Jewish leadership without paying enough attention to the anti-Jewish effervescence that accumulates, generalizes and legitimizes as a result of such a clear demonstration of preference of loyalty to foreign interests and not to the nation that is granting them citizenship.

Daniel Kupervaser

Herzlya – Israel 1-3-2017


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